2nd Transnational Coordination Meeting

2nd Transnational Coordination Meeting

Ready Women Project 2nd Transnational Coordination Meeting


DATE: 04.07.2019


- Brief overview of the current situation of the project activities

- Evaluation and Quality assurance: next steps in the strategy/planning

- Risk management

- Dissemination plan and communication activities:

Overview of dissemination activities /1st dissemination report.

- Planning next activities. Debate

- Results of qualitative study on relations between women with disabilities and employment opportunities. Debate

- Planning curricula and educational content and implementation of a specific training course in basic and professional competences and soft skills for women with disabilities.

- Planning next Pilot Implementation of the curricula

- Requirements of courses

- Nº of participant women

- Needs of self-assessment on soft skills

- Individual Reports

- Evaluation, questions, agreement on the next transnational meeting in Istanbul